Show You Care!!! & We Share!!!

Singapore is a thriving first-world city – towering skyscrapers – a booming economy – and people who built this nation brick by brick – Migrant workers (Foreign Workforce in construction, marine/shipyard, etc.,)

Low-wage migrant workers in Singapore make up a large proportion of our population. As of Dec 2020, the foreign workforce in CMP sector was around 311,000.

The people of Singapore are grateful to them, here is the time to return them back in a small humble way “Show You Care!!! & We Share!!!”

Nutritional experts say the migrant workers are suffering from a form of malnutrition known as hidden hunger.


Hidden Hunger !!!

Migrant workers mostly do have a daily filling meal, an average of 1.5kg amount of rice coupled with a bit of curry and chicken. Yet their meal lacks nutritional value. Sometimes the packed food they eat are stale, and hence very unhealthy for their body.

Low levels of micronutrients contribute to fatigue, muscle aches, and poor concentration. It also leads to low immunity and when a person with low immunity is infected, they will suffer worse symptoms, be infected for longer and therefore be contagious for longer period. Additionally, lost productivity and the cost of medical care. All these could be reduced if workers are healthier.

So how can we help?

Well, it is highly difficult to provide nutritious meal every day for all the workers instead we can help supply a health supplement which has the necessary micronutrients.

Gift A Multivitamin - for Migrant brothers

We, Intouch Innopharm Pte Ltd., has come up with this campaign and invite you to be a part of it. The supplement “Live-active” could be purchased and gifted by you to migrant brothers at a much-subsidized cost.  “Show You Care!!! & We Share!!!”

The units purchased will not be shipped to you but will be consolidated and distributed (monthly or quarterly depending on the orders purchased) directly or through a NGO/Charity organisations to the Migrant brothers.

Intouch, also plan to help conduct health talks among the workers to bring awareness on the need of healthy food intake. You will be receiving the monthly/quarterly reports and updates on the campaign.

What is Special about “Live-active”?

LIVE-ACTIVE is the multivitamin tablet which contains Bio-active form of B-Vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients. Bio-active means it is readily absorbed by the body and does not require any breakdown by the liver. Hence liver friendly and as readily absorbed the energy release is instant.

The tablet is also fortified with Choline and Inositol which has several health benefits. The vitamins and minerals are in the right recommended dosage and shall play a vital role in maintaining good health and helps improve their immunity level. Any person who lacks vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet can safely intake one tablet a day.



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LIVE-ACTIVE contains Bio active B-Vitamins, essential minerals, Fortified with Choline, Inositol.

60 Tablets/Container – Odour less, Easy to swallow!