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Show You Care!!! & We Share!!!

Dear  Friends,

I take delight in reaching out to you through this blog. With Covid still hovering around, looking back in the history, there has been several set backs in the past that humanity has faced but every time we have bounced back more stronger and resilient.  Yes and so, this too will pass on !!!.

At this moment I would like to share something born out of my mind. An initiative I have taken for the Foreign workers in Singapore. A year before when I was returning home one afternoon, walking through our block void deck I sensed a foul stench, turned around to look what causes it. I was appalled to see few workers sitting and having their packed lunch. The foul smell was their food!!! Shocked and dismayed; how could they ever eat it? But those humble workers being content with what they have were eating it with smiles on their face. My heart sunk, and was contemplating on this ever since!!!
After much thought, this idea struck me. “Show You Care!!! as We Share!!!”. To provide health supplements to the migrant workers.

I wish you to be part of it, please visit IntouchCare – Innopharm (

Stay Safe! Stay Blessed!

Dr. Manoj Moses.

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